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* Are you wanting to achieve great things but need some additional support?
* Are you wanting to pass that exam and/or get that job?
* Are you looking to get married and want to prepare for your exciting new life?
* Is the generation gap between your parents and yourself becoming wider and more difficult to live with?
* Are you wanting to gain clear direction for you life?
* Does you relationship with God need to improve?

Then you could benefit from a relationship with TeenCoach.org. We have experience as both a parent [3 children in their 20's] and a youthworker [full time for over 10 years]. We have had the benefit of formal training and hands on experience focussed on helping young people find their better way. You can find out more by navigating the links on the right.

In essence we can offer you individualised coaching and support or an off the shelf package. We can help you improve relationships at home and get what you are looking for from your life. We also offer a free coaching session to see if it will work for you. Email us to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Nigel Lane


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